Provider portal features

Pitch participation

1. Choose your Pitch
2. Fulfill the requested informations

Follow-up client

Visualise and interact with the client, we keep him anonymous until he decide to be in contact with you.

Q&A public/private

Interact with the client during projects RFP process.

Choose your Pitch/RFP

You can access to all current RFP/RFQ. Choose and fulfill your offer in the interface.

Time and Material / Staff augmentation

Manage your candidate offers and fulfill all informations. Decide when you want to push your offer to Pitch client.

Staff augmentation / client interactions

You can visualise the status of your offer and also inform the client about your update.
Once the client is interested, you are in direct contact with him.

Project Based participation

You have access to all document related to the project, specifications, RFP, RFQ, UX/UI.
You have to fulfill all the informations to participate.

Your team members

Specify your candidate, your sales team. You will be able to associate them to project or staff augmentation participation

Your testimonials

Manage your testimonials, you will be able to associate them to projects or staff augmentation participation

Q&A interactions

During the project RFP process, you will be able to interact with expert on the client side. You will have access to all other provider questions/answers. Expert and other providers questions remain anonymous.

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