Digital Procurement Platform

We qualify and analyse client digital needs and we qualify IT providers that could match with it !

You have a Digital need but you dont know how to handle it ?

With our IT Expert ecosystem, we help you define your need, we write your specifications and we benchmark a strong and qualitative list of IT providers. Its FREE !

You are an IT provider ? You surely deserve to be known !

PitchandMatch provide complete documentation and evaluation process. We qualify, we benchmark IT providers that could handle it, be part of it !

Why Choose PitchandMatch

Qualification, Confidentiality and No Commission

PitchandMatch as doing all technical specifications and scenarios garantee to project owner a complete confidential process until the matching process. After the Matching Process, we dont take any commission.


PitchandMatch manage the qualification of IT providers that fit the best with the digital need of the product owner.


As PitchandMatch is writing all documentation as specifications, scenarios and digital strategy, we garantee confidentiality for the product owner.

No Commission

After the matching process via the benchmark, product owner and IT providers are in direct contact with no intermediaries

They are already trusting us !

You are a freelance

Join the PitchandMatch ecosystem of Digital Expert and be involved in projects.

We have a innovative way to promote your expertise.

Renault Digital Finance Software developement Hub

“In our initiative for cost optimization inside Renault Group we needed to identify strong partners to support the development of a Machine Learning system. Working with PitchandMatch has given us the opportunity to evaluate a wide range of professionals already carefully curated by them."

Willing to evaluate qualified project ?

PitchandMatch is providing qualifing leads and RFQ participation to IT providers

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